World Refugee Day‬ 2016


Today especially, how not to think of our brothers and sisters in humanity who are on the roads of the world risking their lives?

We see, without really assessing this huge and historical drama signing a profound change in our certainties, our lifestyles and our ways of thinking.

We almost see at telluric scale, shifts of entire populations on every continent … The world moves! It is in the process of rebuilding.

And we, we’re still at distinguish “refugees”, “migrant” and “asylum seekers” while it is a global movement! Think of them, “boat people”, “land people” and migrants fleeing war and misery. Since the beginning of the phenomenon, 10,000 people identified by the UN, died just in Mediterranean.

Then we who are raising the walls, which create camps, trample our asylum  for not seeing, believe at least one time to them, and looking for them, hope for brighter tomorrow.


Xavier Emmanuelli